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Tour to Kazan is a wonderful journey, it is always an adventure and vivid emotions. A great opportunity to get new impressions and knowledge, to diversify your weekends, holidays and vacations is to make a tourist trip to the ancient city Kazan. Our city is famous for its unique and distinctive culture, architecture and history. The best way to get to know the secrets of Kazan without missing important details is to book a guided tour to Kazan. Carefully thought out and planned excursion programs in Kazan and tours to Kazan will be the best solution for organized groups and individual tourists.


Sightseeing tours to Kazan include visiting the city’s most famous sights – the famous Kazan Kremlin, Kul Sharif Mosque, visiting the falling tower of Syuyumbike, the old Tatar settlement and much more. The programs posted on the site are the most popular among the guests of our city and allow you to get the most complete impression of the city and the sights of Kazan.


You can choose one of the proposed programs, or approach the organization of your trip creatively and draw up your tour program to Kazan, which we will gladly organize for you. You can send your programs or wishes for a trip to Kazan to e-mail: kazantravels@mail.ru, our experts will calculate the cost of your program in Kazan and help in organizing it. And our unique programs of tours to Kazan are always at your service.



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