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Amusement park “Kyrlai”

The modern amusement park “Kyrlai” is located in the city center on the banks of the river Kazanka. In the park there are Italian-made rides for children and families, and extreme zone.
The centerpiece of the park devoted to the largest attraction – a Ferris wheel, which reaches a height of 55m. The wheel is third in Russia in height and provides an opportunity to serve up to 3600 wanting an hour. Visitors to the Big Dipper can see a bird’s eye view of the city, the historical part, and views of the river Volga.
Rides are present in the park are unique in the Republic of Tatarstan and neighboring regions, and extreme attraction “flying saucer” – the only one in Russia.
Every day in the Park there are new entertainments: playrooms for children, contests and sweepstakes with prizes.
The permanent campaign “Kiss in the Sky” for the newlyweds on their wedding day – a free ride on the Ferris wheel.
The park is designed for year-round operation, however, the most active period of work – from March to October. In winter, the park is also open for visitors. Functioning attractions are Ferris wheel, children’s play complex “Tropicana”. Since November, will be opened playground for paintball. In the winter, park will be equipped with ice town for children, hills, and other. ¬†And the main thing in the New Year Decoration – Christmas tree with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

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