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Bauman Street

Bauman Street – the main pedestrian street of Kazan, where all tourist routes lead. This ancient street of the historical center is the same age as the Kazan Kremlin. It turned into a pedestrian street in 1986. The alley begins at the Kazan Kremlin and stretches through the city center for 2 km. The unique historical flavor is given by unusual sculptures you’ll find along the way: a bronze copy of the Carriage of Catherine II, Epiphany Cathedral Bell Tower, Monument Kazan Cat, Zero Kilometre of Kazan Feodor Chaliapin Monument and many others.

Bauman Street is a place where every detail of architecture is filled with memories of the past. Here, the past era is intertwined with modernity, causing genuine delight among tourists. This landmark of Kazan is often called the “Kazan Arbat”. It has everything to satisfy the most diverse desires of tourists: restaurants and bars for every taste and budget, souvenir shops, boutiques, shops, live music.

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Historical reference

Main sights

Interesting facts

How to get there


Historical reference

Bauman Street is a witness to past events; its history is interesting and unique. Initially, there was no street as such. In the era of the Kazan Khanate, the Nogai Road was laid here. It was a strategically important road thread for the Khanate, and Bauman Street and continuing it Petersburgskaya Street were only fragments of a long way.

During the Siege of Kazan by the troops of Ivan the Terrible in 1552, on the spot where the Epiphany Cathedral Bell Tower is now located, the fortress walls were broken. From this for almost four centuries, the street was called first Prolomnaya, then “Bolshaya Prolomnaya” (the ‘Great Breakthrough’).

The street began to be actively built up in the 16th century, especially its southern part. A New Sloboda arose, where loyal to the new government, Russians and Tatars were moving. Thus, the arrival of a greater degree of the Russian population in Sloboda marked the emergence of Orthodox churches. In the 17th century, a wooden Epiphany Cathedral was built on the lands of the New Settlement; in its honor, the settlement was renamed the Epiphany.

The street has its modern name since 1930 in honor of Nikolai Bauman – a native of Kazan, the legendary fighter with the tsarist regime. In Soviet times, Bauman Street was not just the center of the city; it was the main transport artery. Until the end of the 19th century, a horse tram passed along the street (horse-drawn rail transport system), until 1935 a tram also ran along the street. In post-Soviet times, the street was finally landscaped and got its modern look. Temples were restored and numerous cafes, shops, fountains built. And in 1986, the street became a pedestrian one.

Main sights

The main pedestrian promenade of Kazan preserves the atmosphere of the pre-revolutionary merchant city. Its architectural appearance is mainly formed by buildings erected in the 18-19 centuries. Bauman Street is replete with vibrant sights. You can read more about them below.

Epiphany Cathedral is an amazing historical building. The cathedral is located in the city center, on the pedestrian Bauman It is hidden behind the Epiphany bell tower. Epiphany Cathedral occupies one of the leading places among the most important sights of Kazan. The shrine is small in size, painted in a pleasant pale blue color; its neat gilded onion domes attract the attention of citizens and visitors.

The bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral is a striking landmark of Bauman Street, a monument of religious architecture; it can be seen from almost anywhere in the central part of the city. For a long time, it remained the tallest building in the city. Its height is 74 meters. In the lower tier of the Epiphany bell tower is a through passage leading to the Epiphany Cathedral. In the bell tower there is an exhibition hall of ancient Russian art of the Pushkin Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, and the Shalyapin Chamber Hall. You can enjoy an unbelievably beautiful view of the city center by climbing to the very top of the observation deck of the bell tower.

The Monument to Feodor Chaliapin is located at the very beginning of Bauman Street next to the prestigious Chaliapin Palace Hotel. It was staged in honor of a native of the city of Kazan, the great opera singer F.I. Chaliapin. The world’s first monument, cast in bronze, depicts the singer leaving Russia in 1922 and saying goodbye to his hometown.

Dom Pechati (Press House) is another striking landmark of the Kazan Arbat center, monument of Soviet architecture from the prewar years and an object of cultural heritage of national significance. Leningrad architect Semyon Pan gave the exterior of the building the original appearance of an open book. Today, the building is occupied by Hotel Nogai and several restaurants.

Kazan Academic Russian Bolshoi Drama Theater of V. I. Kachalov is one of the oldest drama theaters in Russia. The first public theater in Kazan crossed the two-century frontier. This is one of the most popular theaters among residents and visitors of the city. There are more than 20 titles in the theater’s repertoire, including Russian (“The Inspector General” by N.V. Gogol, “The Cherry Orchard” by A.P. Chekhov) and World (“Scapin the Schemer” by J.-B. Moliere, “Heartbreak House ” B.Show) classic.

Opposite the theater there is another iconic landmark on Bauman Street – an exact copy of the carriage of Catherine II. In 1767, the empress, willing to get acquainted with the eastern regions of her state, made a trip along the Volga. In Kazan, the empress was greeted very cordially and to show gratitude for Kazan’s hospitality, Catherine presented the carriage as a gift to all the inhabitants of the province. To show gratitude for Kazan’s hospitality, Catherine presented. The original is in the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The Kazan Cat Monument is one of the unusual and interesting monuments on Bauman Street. It depicts well-fed cat lying on a couch with a mouse, under a tent roof. The story is connected with Elizabeth Petrovna. During her visit to Kazan, she noticed that there are no mice in the city. In order to exterminate rodents in the Winter Palace, by the highest order, 30 Kazan cats were transported to Saint Petersburg to catch mice in “Hermitage” Museum. It is believed that stroking the belly of the Kazan cat – for good luck.

On the busiest street of the city there are many other attractions that are definitely worth seeing for everyone who comes to Kazan. Here are interesting museums, a visit to which leaves a lot of positive

impressions; as well as endless shops where you can buy original gifts, books, famous Tatar pastries, as well as a variety of souvenirs in memory of the city. For those who are looking for a place to eat, there are dozens of places with Tatar, Asian, European and Russian cuisine that will satisfy every taste and budget. A walk along Bauman Street is a walk along the “four centuries of history” of Kazan, an acquaintance with the past and present of the city, which will certainly leave only positive emotions.


Interesting Facts

– At the very beginning of the street, there is a famous clock in the Arabic style, where people often make appointments to each other.

– Another interesting monument – a “zero kilometre” stone compass, which shows the distance to other world capitals and significant points of the planet. Here, you can find out the distance from Kazan to Moscow, to New York, and to the North Pole.

-There is an avenue of national stars in Kazan, somewhat reminiscent of an avenue of stars in Hollywood, only with the names of famous Tatar artists.

– On Bauman Street there is a large shopping center – GUM, which opened in a reconstructed 19th-century mansion.

– The National Bank, located in the middle of the street, during the First World War, kept the gold of the Russian Empire, captured by the Bolsheviks.

-It is interesting that in the post-Soviet era it was proposed to rename the street in honor of the talented opera performer F. Chaliapin, but this decision was never made.

How to get there

The street is located in the city center, not far from the Kazan Kremlin.

At the beginning and end of Bauman Street there are two metro stations: “Kremlin” and “Tukaya Square”.

Not far from the Kremlin metro station is the “Central Stadium” public transport stop. Buses No. 37, 47, 74, 74 (a), trolleybus No. 1 stop here.

In the area of the metro station “Tukaya Square” is the bus stop “Ring”. This is followed by buses going Buses No. 10, 10 (a), 54, 35, 63, 83, 30, 91 stop here.


If you want to take a walk and learn more about the history of the famous street, we invite you to our interesting walking tour along Bauman Street.