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Blue Lakes


Golubye Ozera (Blue Lakes) is an unusual natural sight that attracts a huge number of divers and those who want to enjoy the crystal clear water and picturesque nature. In winter, this is also a favorite place for “walruses” who prefer ice swimming. Unique lakes are located near Kazan, just 20 kilometers from the city center. This amazing place is a must-see for everyone visiting the capital of the Tatarstan Republic.


General Info

Bolshoye Goluboye (Big Blue) Lake

Maloye Goluboye (Small Blue) and Protochnoye (Flowing) Lakes

How to get there



General Info

The natural reserve, with total area of ​​almost 2,000 hectares, consists of three unconnected lakes – the Bolshoye Goluboye (Big Blue) Lake, the Maloye Goluboye (Small Blue) Lake and the Protochnoye (Flowing) Lake. They formed in this area as karst funnels about 2 centuries ago. These ancient lakes are the remains of the branches of the Kazanka River.

The lakes are called «Blue» due to sulfate layers and silt salt mud at the bottom. Water bodies feed entirely from underground springs and do not have tributaries. The crystal blue water is absolutely transparent. Looking at it, it may seem that the lake is not deep at all. However, it is not so. The maximum depth, in places with sinkholes, can reach about 18 meters. The lakes never freeze and maintain a temperature of about 4-6 ° all year long. In spite of that, the icy water does not stop those who want to swim, because it is sheer adrenaline and unforgettable emotions.

The local landmark has the status of a natural monument since 1972, and two years later, for conservation purposes, it received the status of a nature reserve. There`s a lot to see for nature lovers: a hundred different trees and bushes growing in the forests; many snakes, frogs and beavers are found off the coast. The lake is also famous for its variety of amphibians and insects. Due to the fact that, the water in the lake is salty, unfortunately, there is no fish.

Unique lakes are beautiful every time of the year. In summer, you can swim and have a picnic on the shore of the lake; and in winter, there is a chance to be alone with nature, since there are practically no people. And if you have enough guts, be brave and jump on into the water!

It is believed that Blue lakes have healing powers. People who want to improve their health often come here. The bottom of the reservoirs is covered with a thick layer of clay rich in potassium, sulfates and other minerals. By the way, it is thanks to the clay that lakes have such a rich emerald color.

The Blue Lakes of Tatarstan are natural sources of beauty and harmony, here you will certainly feel unity with yourself.


Bolshoye Goluboye (Big Blue) Lake

This is the largest lake of the nature reserve. The water in it is clear, cold, and salty. In its mineral composition, it resembles the sea water. The lake, which was formerly called Svetly (Light), has an average depth of 1-3 meters.

This is a popular place for diving. Thanks to the crystal clear water, the bottom of the reservoir can be explored to the smallest detail. Most of the divers are attracted by the caster funnel, where you can go down to 18 meters. The lake is equipped with special bridges for diving and changing rooms. The Big Blue Lake is also a great place for night dives: the absolutely futuristic picture of the starry sky through a transparent lens of water amazes with its beauty.

Maloye Goluboye (Small Blue) and Protochnoye (Flowing) Lakes

These lakes are much smaller in depth than the Big Blue Lake. The depth of the Small Blue Lake is about 4 meters, and the Flowing – 3 meters. It is believed that the water in the Flowing Lake is slightly warmer than in the other two. The Small Blue Lake has two runoffs to the Kazanka River, one of which serves as a waterfall. The lakes and the surrounding area are equipped with everything needed, so that visitors can comfortably rest here. Here are the gazebos, benches and locker rooms.

Kazan citizens and guests of the capital often come to rest on the shore of these lakes. It`s a great place not only to swim, but also enjoy the spectacular views around and relax in the fresh air. For hiking lovers there are comfortable paths buried in greenery.


How to get there

Location address: Tatarstan, Kazan, near Sherbakovо village

Coordinates – 55.904599, 49.156603

You can reach the lakes by car along the Kazan bypass road (M7 highway). The exit to the Big Blue Lake – behind the bridge over the Kazanka River, to Small Blue and Flowing Lakes in front of the bridge;

Or you can get there by public transport: from the center (Tukaya Square station) by bus number 35 to the Golubyatnikova, Solnyshko, or Ibragimova stops. From there, take bus number 40 to the village of Shcherbakovo (last stop). Then walk along the signs.



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