City Transportation

Kazan’s rapid growth in the 19th century led to the emergence of public transport in the city. Kazan was one of the first cities of Russia where omnibuses – 12-seat stagecoaches – appeared in 1894. Horse-drawn railway was established in 1875. And an electric tram started running its routes as early as in 1899, which was a real breakthrough for Kazan as even Saint Petersburg, the capital of the Russian Empire, couldn’t boast such a luxury in those days. Horse cab drivers provided public transportation services within the city, their work was closely monitored by the city administration. First buses and trolley buses appeared in Kazan in the first half of the 20th century.

Kazan’s modern transport system includes a ramified network of bus, tram and trolley bus routes, and an underground line which was opened in 2005. Considerable attention is being paid to improvement of the public transport system nowadays; new tram and trolley bus routes are being laid, new bus routes are created, underground stations are constructed at high speed.

Kazan has introduced e-ticketing into public transport system. Buses, trams and trolley buses are equipped with card readers. An electronic transport card is a prototype of a travel pass. Electronic cards are available for all modes of public transport. They can be purchased at the Express Pechat (Express Press) newsstands, post offices and underground ticket offices.


Kazan’s bus depot is composed of comfortable buses made in Russia (NefAz, MAZ) and China (Higer, Golden Dragon). Since 2007 more than 2,500 outdated buses were taken out of service and are being gradually replaced by high-capacity buses that meet Euro 3 requirements. This enables to reach a higher level of security, significantly lessen volume of city traffic and thus improve the city’s environment.

Single journey fare — 18 rubles, transport card single journey fare — 16 rubles.


The tram system development in Kazan dates back to more than a hundred years ago. Modern vehicles that are used now were made in Russia. Not so long ago the process of tram depot modernisation was started by using spacious and comfortable cars, that allows to increase passenger throughput significantly. A tram is considered to be one of the most comfortable means of transport because its functioning is not affected by the city traffic. Kazan’s tram depot also has some sightseeing and tourist routes. There is also a buffet car running around the city.

Single journey fare — 12 rubles, transport card single journey fare — 10 rubles.

Trolley buses

The majority of trolley buses functioning in Kazan were made in Russia. Almost all vehicles are of a high capacity, have 3 stages of illumination and an improved ventilation system. Right now a trolley bus is an environmentally friendly means of transport with a convenient schedule (every 8-10 minutes) and almost 24/7 service.

Single journey fare — 15 rubles, transport card single journey fare — 13 rubles.



This is the youngest mode of transport in Kazan. The first underground line was opened in 2005. It is composed of 7 stations. The most recent one is the Kozya Sloboda (‘Goat Settlement’) station opened in 2010 that connected two banks of the Kazanka River. Among the main advantages of the underground system are a precise schedule and absence of traffic jams.

Single journey fare — 15 rubles, transport card single journey fare — 13 rubles.


There are more than 20 taxi services in Kazan. Taxi can be ordered to any place 24/7. Moreover, you can catch a running free taxi by lifting your hand.

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