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Duet of the ancient cities: Kazan – Elabuga 2 days

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Tour program

1st day

9 a.mMeeting at the Railway station square (or airport). Time may be changed depending on arrival.

There will be comfortable buses for tourists. Buses are only the newest and modern.

 9.30 a.m. Breakfast in the city café

 10 a.m. Kazan City tour by bus

Fascinating journey through the historic sights of Kazan.

The tour includes the most famous sights of Kazan: Kazan Kremlin, Old Tatar Sloboda, a Tatar village Tugan Avylym in the city center, the oldest mosque Marjani, Kamal theatre, the mysterious lake Kaban, Kazan Millennium Park, Liberty Square,the Kazan University, Kazanka river embankment, offering unique views of the coast of the Kazan Riviera, Peter and Paul Cathedral, the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Kazan.

 12 p.m. Walking Kazan Kremlin tour

(a continuation of a city tour)
   You will see the Spassky tower, leaning tower Syuyumbike, government buildings, visit the Kul-Sharif Mosque and the Cathedral of the Annunciation. You will be delighted with the beauty of the architecture and fascinated by fascinating stories that will tell you professional tour guide. The route will stop for a beautiful memorable photoes.

2 p.m. Lunch.

For those who wishes at lunch time we offer to participate in The Secrets of Tatar cuisine master class- the best chefs will share with you secrets of cooking famous national dishes such as chak-chak, echpochmak, vak belesh, gubadiya, etc.
(Is discussed when you`re booking the tour).

 3 p.m. Free time

 You can visit Kazan malls, bowling clubs, restaurants, theatres, exhibitions, museums etc.



2nd day


7 a.m. Breakfast in the hotel. Free time.

8 a.m. Meeting at the hotel. Leaving the hotel. You can put your  luggage into the luggage room of the hotel or take it with you.

8 a.m. Bus tour to Elabuga city

Elabuga — a small old town, nestled in the woods on the right bank of the Kama River. Immersed in the green city with a panorama of churches with ancient stone mansions, is a unique example of architecture of XIX century, preserved to this day its unique appearance and unique landscape. History of Elabuga goes back to centuries. A whole era in archeology gets its name from the opening of the Ananyinsky burial ground near Elabuga dating back to VIII-Vvv. BC
Mysterious Tower of Elabuga «Devil» settlement — witness the tumultuous events of the Middle Ages. Legends, traditions and historical facts associate with the great names of Elabuga from Temir-ak-Saka and Ivan the Terrible to Pugachev and Empress Catherine II, by which the highest decree in 1780, the village Trekhsvyatskoye was transformed into the city Elabuga.
The nature of the surrounding area immortalized Russian landscape painter Ivan Shishkin, the memory of which keeps his house, now a museum. The spirit of the past and soars is above the museum N.A.Durovoy — the legendary «trooper-girl» , the writer, who has lived in Elabuge more than 30 years.
Fate decreed that this land was the last refuge of the famous Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva.
Every name, every place keeps a lot of well-known and still unread pages of history.

2 p.m. Lunch in a Elabuga city`s café 

8 p.m. Back to Kazan.Transfer to Railway Station.

Departure time from Kazan is specified in the Request when you are booking the tour.

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