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Entertainment Centers

Kazan Riviera Aquapark


Kazan “Riviera” aquapark is one of the largest in the world. Every year more and more tourists are becoming the admirers of this unique resort where you can turn back time and find yourself in a hot summer.

Over 50 various attractions are especially created for everyone to find an amusement to their liking, get emotional outburst and feel the magic and healing power of water!

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Amusement park “Kyrlai”

Amusement park Kyrlai (1)Amusement park Kyrlai (2)Amusement park Kyrlai 12

The modern amusement park “Kyrlai” is located in the city center on the banks of the river Kazanka. In the park there are Italian-made rides for children and families, and extreme zone.
The centerpiece of the park devoted to the largest attraction – a Ferris wheel, which reaches a height of 55m. The wheel is third in Russia in height and provides an opportunity to serve up to 3600 wanting an hour. Visitors to the Big Dipper can see a bird’s eye view of the city, the historical part, and views of the river Volga.
Rides are present in the park are unique in the Republic of Tatarstan and neighboring regions, and extreme attraction “flying saucer” – the only one in Russia.

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Karting Center “Forsazh”

Karting Center Forsazh 13Karting Center Forsazh 1Karting Center Forsazh 12

April 12, 2006 karting center “Forsazh” opened its doors to the first visitors, marking the beginning of a new stage in the development of motor racing and karting in Tatarstan and Russia. Prepared to receive guests:
– 4000 sq.m. kart track
– Class of theoretical studies
– A platform for the mini-golf

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Kazan circus

Kazan circus 1Kazan circusKazan circus 2

The circus building was built in 1967 by architect G.Pichueva. Amphitheater auditorium is targeted for 2400 places. Kazan circus is one of the leading Russian circuses. It has strong organizational and creative communication with the Moscow circus on the colored Boulevard (Circus of the People’s Artist of the USSR Yu.V.Nikulin) and the Moscow Circus on Sparrow Hills (Head – Professor L.Kostyuk). At Kazan State Circus, with the help of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, was opened the school for the training of professional circus artists and music of various style.  Hardly a day at the circus is complete without notices.

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Kazan Zoo

kazan zoo park 2kazan zoo park 3kazan zoo park

Kazan zoological and botanic gardens is one of Europe’s oldest institutions of its kind. It was founded at the University of Kazan as a botanical garden in 1806 by Karl Fedorovich Fuchs, and in 1829 acquired the coastal areas on the shores of Lake Kaban for the botanical garden area of ​​6.7 hectares.
In 1834, botanical garden was opened to visit. 

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Waterpark “Baryonyx”

Waterpark Baryonyx 1Waterpark Baryonyx 2Waterpark Baryonyx

Leisure activities, entertainment, fun, refreshing water splash – how to imagine summer without it? Kazan Baryonyx water park includes all of these components, and even more. Here, at any time of the year you will be able to use the swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool, and, of course, a variety of attractions that will leave a lot of adrenaline and bright emotions.
The water park has 15 rides, so lovers of outdoor activities will not be bored. And visitors who prefer a quiet holiday will not be disappointed, as they also will be able to find ways to have fun on their own taste. 

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