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Excursion to Elabuga city (12 hours)

Elabuga – a small old town, nestled in the woods on the right bank of the Kama River. Immersed in the green city with a panorama of churches with ancient stone mansions, is a unique example of architecture of XIX century, preserved to this day its unique appearance and unique landscape. History of Elabuga goes back to centuries. A whole era in archeology gets its name from the opening of the Ananyinsky burial ground near Elabuga dating back to VIII-Vvv. BC
Mysterious Tower of Elabuga “Devil” settlement – witness the tumultuous events of the Middle Ages. Legends, traditions and historical facts associate with the great names of Elabuga from Temir-ak-Saka and Ivan the Terrible to Pugachev and Empress Catherine II, by which the highest decree in 1780, the village Trekhsvyatskoye was transformed into the city Elabuga.
The nature of the surrounding area immortalized Russian landscape painter Ivan Shishkin, the memory of which keeps his house, now a museum. The spirit of the past and soars is above the museum N.A.Durovoy – the legendary “trooper-girl” , the writer, who has lived in Elabuge more than 30 years.
Fate decreed that this land was the last refuge of the famous Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva.
Every name, every place keeps a lot of well-known and still unread pages of history.

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Excursion to Elabuga city Russia Kazan Tour2

Excursion to Elabuga city Russia Kazan Tour1

Excursion to Elabuga city Russia Kazan Tour