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Excursion to the Temple of All Religions

3 hours

We invite you to visit The Temple of All Religions, which combines various styles of buildings of different cultures and religions into one. The colorful temple is believed to be one of the most unusual landmarks of Russia. This is a centre of spirituality, a place where bodies and spirits could be cured.
The main idea of the Universal Temple is that all World religions are equal and they all lead to light and peace. This is the only place in the world where the Orthodox and Catholic churches, the Muslim mosque, the Jewish synagogue and the Buddhist temple harmoniously coexist as one building.
The temple brings together the iconic elements of 16 World religions, as well as symbols of extinct civilizations. You are invited to visit the rooms of Jesus Christ, Buddha, the Catholic Hall, the Egyptian Hall, the theatre hall and the picture gallery.


Price for 1 person in the group of


2 persons 4 persons 6 persons 8 persons 10 persons
3500 rub 2250 rub 1600 rub 1500 rub 1250 rub




Price includes english-speaking guide service, transport service, entry tickets to the Temple of All Religions.

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