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Interactive activities

Master class “The Secrets of Tatar cuisine”

Tatar cuisinetatar national cuisinenational food

Tatar cuisine culinary traditions evolved for centuries. While maintaining its identity, much has changed in the kitchen: it improved, enriched with new knowledge and products about which Tatars learned from neighbors. The legacy of the Turkic tribes in the period of the Volga Bulgar Tatar cuisine remained katyk, ball-May, kabartma of Chinese dishes have been borrowed dumplings and tea, from the Uzbek – plov, Halva, sherbet, and of Tajik – Pahlavi. Tatars have been long time engaged in settled agriculture and animal husbandry, which contributed to the prevalence of flour food and meat in dairy dishes, but a special place in the cuisine of people held various pastries.

Top chefs will share with you the secrets of cooking famous Tatar dishes such as chak-chak, echpochmak, vac belesh, Gubadiya. You’ll also be able to take part in cooking.

Price is 3000 rub for group.

Visit the craft villages of khan Kazan

Tatar villageCraft villageVillage

Unique project “Bibarso Saray” in 1200 sq.m.  is a stylized cultural-national platform of the ancient culture of the Tatars of the Middle Ages. On the platform at the same time there are 16 shops masters of ancient crafts Tatars.

The attractive feature of this “small town” are actors, animators creating the atmosphere of ancient cities, all members of staff to the actors, animators, musicians dressed in stylized costumes of ancient Tatars of the Middle Ages. At the site of the town recreated the most striking features of the historic home, and social life of the ancient Tatars will sound only the Tatar language, ancient national instruments,national cuisine presented. Every visitor of this unique exhibition will have the opportunity to participate in master classes on making everyday objects of culture. Muzic medieval Tatar culture is represented here in all its diversity. This is a different Tatar musical instruments that have been continuously linked with the daily life of the people (clay whistles-Akarin, kubyz, defy, etc.).
You will be able to experience the atmosphere of the khan of Kazan and have an unforgettable experience!

Price is 200 rub for person.

Inspection og Panorama of Kazan City from the helipad

ViewKazan ViewKazan

Visit the helipad 17-storey hotel Grand Hotel Kazan, offering stunning views of the city from a bird’s eye view.

 Price is 200 rub for group.

Feel  yourself as the Kazan Khan

Kazan khan

The oldest part of the Kazan Kremlin tower Syuyumbeki, Khan’s mausoleum, the residence of the rulers of Kazan – all this creates an unforgettable, mysterious atmosphere of the ancient capital. Therefore, it is easy to imagine that you are part of historical events, free flight of fantasy and imagine yourself in the place of any historical character.

Museum of history of the state of the Tatar people and RT provides a new service – a photo with “Throne of Kazan khans” in the Tatar national clothes. The unique historical flavor and variety to enhance your experience of being in the Kazan Kremlin, and the moments captured on film will be one of the most vivid memories of our city.

Price is 200 rub for person.