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Kazan Arbat – the pedestrian zone – Bauman street

City Center – Bauman Street – the main artery of the city, a beautiful place, the pride of Kazan, where you can fully experience the diversity of the city, to admire the beauty of kazan girls, have a cup of coffee, as well as to update your wardrobe. Your attention can be brought to many monuments of architecture, as well as some surprising sights.
To stay in Kazan and not to walk around Bauman street – the oldest street of the city, the same age as the Kazan Kremlin – means do not see the most important thing. The modern name of the street was named after the famous revolutionary Bolshevik Nikolai Bauman. The history of the main shopping street starts from the Nogai road passes through the Great Prolomnaya and Epiphany, continuing Bauman street. 
 From the large clock in the area Tukaya at one end, to the metro station “Kremlin” in the Kazan Kremlin at the very beginning, the street is full of historic buildings, jewelry stores and souvenir shops, restaurants, sports bars, night clubs, shisha bars and coffee houses, boutiques and salons.
Not damped during the week and even at night, on holidays Bauman Street becomes the center of public festivals, where the theater, music groups and dance groups perform. Even a simple walk is full of amazing discoveries – charming fountains, the church and the bell tower of the Epiphany, Chaliapin monument, the building of the National Bank, a drama theater, a monument to the Cat of Kazan, the zero meridian, Catherine’s coach, alley of national stars. You can see it during a tour of the “Kazan Arbat.”

Kazan Arbat — the pedestrian zone — Bauman street 2

Kazan Arbat — the pedestrian zone — Bauman street

Kazan Arbat — the pedestrian zone — Bauman street1