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Kazan circus

The circus building was built in 1967 by architect G.Pichueva. Amphitheater auditorium is targeted for 2400 places. Kazan circus is one of the leading Russian circuses. It has strong organizational and creative communication with the Moscow circus on the colored Boulevard (Circus of the People’s Artist of the USSR Yu.V.Nikulin) and the Moscow Circus on Sparrow Hills (Head – Professor L.Kostyuk). At Kazan State Circus, with the help of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, was¬†opened the school for the training of professional circus artists and music of various style. ¬†Hardly a day at the circus is complete without notices. Active visiting numerous spectators, no doubt, influenced by the fact that it is possible to maintain low ticket prices. Artists of circus troupes pleased with the reception rendered here, the ratio of the administration of the circus and the spectators and, as a rule, are willing to serve in the next programmes. The success of Kazan circus largely due to effective performance of its director D.M.Sharifullina, who in April 1997 was awarded by the title of Honored Worker of Culture of Tatarstan.

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