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Leaning Tower Syuyumbike

The most famous building of Kazan — Tower Syuyumbike — according to legend, dates back to the fall of the Kazan Khanate. However, judging from all over, it was built no earlier than the last quarter of the seventeenth century, but partly on the foundations of an earlier patrol-sentry towers Khan»s period. Soyembike tower — not only the symbol of Kazan. Syuyumbike tower — not only the symbol of Kazan. This also is one of the few in the world of falling towers. At two meters above the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it is immediately after construction began to lurch to the east, because the west side it was built on the foundation of an old watchtower, was more stable. By 1930, the deviation from the axis of its top was already 128 centimeters. Remedial activities conducted in 1990, suspended its heel.

 Another feature of the tower is its architectural grace. Tower produces unusually strong impression of harmony and aspiration to the sky, the proportionality of parts. It consists of seven stages: three rectangular with open gallery, a low parapets and four upper octagonal.

 It is interesting, were people of the conquered Kazan always believed that the tower Syuyumbike is a national holiness? Moreover, the Russian residents of Kazan, also from the very beginning was called the tower on behalf of the disgraced Tatar Queen Syuyumbike. In Kazan, each tells a legend about the tower.

 When Ivan the Terrible conquered Kazan and saw a beautiful queen Syuyumbike, he was so struck by her beauty that he offered her to become his wife. Syuyumbike Khanum understood: if she refuses the terrible king, he would kill all her people. And she agreed, but with one indispensable condition: to build seven storied tower to the sky in seven days. Ivan the Terrible had this condition. He collected all the world»s most famous Russian artists, and work has begun to boil. On the first day they built the first tier, the second day – the second and so on. A week later, the tower was ready — a slender, seven storied with height up to the sky.

 Syuyumbike had no choice but to fulfill his promise. She asked the king»s permission before departure from Kazan to climb the tower and say goodbye to the city. The king allowed. Syuyumbike climbed the tower, said goodbye to all Kazans, fell down and died. Since then, the tower bears her name.

 In fact, everything was different. In 1549 Kazan Khan, the husband of Syuyumbike Safa Giray died. By law, the throne of Kazan was to ascend to his son — two Utameshgaray. In 1549 he was proclaimed the khan, but remained on the throne, quite a bit. Moscow and Kazan reached the agreement that the throne was to ascend to Shah Ali. Utyamysh and his mother was subjected to extradition to Moscow authorities. They were sent to Moscow in august 11, 1551. There she died.

Syuyumbike — (about 1516 — after 1554) — ruler of the Kazan Khanate in 1549-51 with the minor son Utyamysh-Giree. Khan»s daughter Yuufa. Wife of Kazan khans Jan-Ali (1533-35), Safa Giray (1536-35) and Shah-Ali (s1553). Overthrown in 1551 and sent with her son to Moscow.

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