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National restaurants

Restaurant complex “Tatarskaya Usadba”
The complex includes a museum of Tatar life, a gallery of folk crafts, a hotel, as well as restaurants and cafes with national and European cuisine.

The pride of the restaurant is a real Tatar wood-burning stove, which cooks food according to the traditions of the founder of Tatar culinary Yu. Akhmetzyanov. The estate was created to show visitors and future generations national traditions, many of which are forgotten.


Restaurant chain “Bilyar”
The chain of restaurants of national cuisine “Bilyar” is a place with a twist for warm meetings, delicious lunch breaks and romantic dates in the evening.

An ideal place to get acquainted with Tatar, Russian and European cuisine. The hotel restaurant menu covers the most popular gastronomic preferences, so every guest will find a dish to their liking.

 Regular visitors are always waiting for something new: traditional dishes for the holidays, seasonal offers and surprises from the brand of the chef of the restaurant chain “Bilyar” – Georgy Tamrazov. Coming to us, you can always count on impeccable quality of service.


Restaurant “Katyk”
Restaurant “Katyk” invariably attracts admirers of haute cuisine and exclusive atmosphere. A sophisticated and at the same time cozy atmosphere, where oriental flavor is combined with European comfort, will make both a business breakfast, a business lunch, a romantic dinner or just a friendly evening a pleasant one.

 Special attention should be paid to the restaurant menu. A variety of menus abounds with dishes of Tatar and Oriental cuisines, as well as traditional European cuisine, which allows guests to cater with various culinary preferences. A variety of dishes can be tasted in any of the 3 rooms of the restaurant.

 For corporate evenings, weddings and various celebrations with guests up to 200 people, the European Hall is suitable. The restaurant’s bar is non-contact, that is, no alcoholic drinks are displayed in the hall, which allows Muslim weddings and other events to be held. For those who want to relax on the soft pillows dostarkhan and smoke a hookah, we suggest spending time in the eastern hall.

 For especially dear guests, we offer a separate VIP-room with a sauna, designed for a company of 10-15 people. The cozy room is made in the European style. In addition, from 19.00-23.00 you can enjoy the show program of the Katyk restaurant.


Network of cafe “Alan Ash”
Alan Ash is designed according to the principle of open distribution, for the convenience of choice and speed of service. The menu contains the most popular dishes of Tatar cuisine from salads to dessert. A novelty in our city is the opportunity to purchase fresh hearty pastries with aromatic takeaway broth. Here you can also order your favorite pies and cakes for a family celebration.


House of Tatar Culinary
This unique place is specially presented for our guests. Our restaurant contains the best recipes of Tatar dishes from around the world.

 Tatars are one of the most widely settled peoples. The historical homeland of the Tatars is the Volga region, the Kama region, the Urals, and some regions of Siberia. In any corner of the world, wherever fate has thrown, the Tatars are characterized by the desire to preserve their national culture, customs and, of course, culinary traditions. We managed not only to preserve, but also to contribute to the national cuisine. Thanks to the excellent recipe, richness and rich gamut of taste, the Tatar national cuisine has found a successful continuation in the recipes of dishes from around the world. And now it’s even hard to find the origins of this or that dish – only one thing is known – it is cooked in the Tatar Culinary House – the center of high Tatar cuisine!

 Appetizing dishes according to traditional Tatar recipes from the chef will not leave anyone indifferent. Light salads and snacks, rich broths, delicate cream soups, main dishes of juicy meat and various types of fish, side dishes with aromatic spices, delicious desserts and, of course, traditional pastries – culinary masterpieces will conquer even the most strict gourmets.

 Wine drink lovers will find a rich wine list from Italy, France, Chile. There is a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails in the bar map. We are ready to offer you exclusive varieties of tea and a tea ceremony for you and your guests individually, you will certainly enjoy aromatic types of coffee and soft drinks.