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Other activities

We would like to offer Interactive events – master classes, quests and others, which will help to diversify your tour of Kazan, will bring vivid impressions and new knowledge.

Master-class “Secrets of Tatar cuisine”
The culinary traditions of Tatar cuisine have evolved over several centuries. Preserving its originality, much has changed in the kitchen: it has been improved, enriched with new knowledge and products that the Tatars learned about from their neighbors. In the inheritance from the Turkic tribes of the Volga Bulgaria period, Katyk, bal-may, cabartma remained in the Tatar cuisine, dumplings and tea were borrowed from the Chinese cuisine, pilaf, halva, sorbet from the Uzbek, and pakhlevé from the Tajik. Since ancient times, the Tatars were engaged in settled agriculture and animal husbandry, which contributed to the predominance of flour and meat and dairy dishes in food, but a variety of pastries occupied a special place in the cuisine of the people.

The best chefs will share with you the secrets of cooking famous Tatar dishes, such as chak-chak, echpochmak, vak beles, and gubadiya. You can also take part in the preparation of national dishes.

The price is 3000 rubles. per group

Photoshoot in national costume
Tour operator Kazan Travels presents a new service for our dear guests – a photo session in luxurious national costumes in picturesque Tatar interiors. Feel like Kazan Khan or tatar Queen Syuyumbike. Colorful photographs will be a wonderful souvenir, reminiscent of your trip to the capital of Tatarstan – the millennium-old city Kazan.

The price is 400 rubles per person.
2 pictures as a gift

“Tugra: write your name in Arabic script”

Since the adoption of Islam in the Volga Bulgaria in 922 in the territory of modern Tatarstan, Arabic writing has existed. They were written in Tatar in Arabic script until 1927. A masterfully executed calligraphic text is a work of art and can resemble a painting. We invite you to learn how to write your name in Arabic script – just as the rulers of the Kazan Khanate did.

  The price of the lesson is 350 rubles. 

“Kazan Hospitality” – Greeting, the host conducts a quiz about Kazan, demonstration of vocals (2 songs), accordion, button accordion (composition). Master class on the movements of the Tatar folk dance, general dance, photo shoot.

The program is held during lunch / dinner in one of the restaurants in the city.

 The Price is – 16500 rubles for the group.

Excursion “Tugan Avylym Mill”.

Acquaintance with the Tatar village life, a demonstration of the exhibition of costumes of stylization of the Kazan Khanate. At the end of the tour, each guest is given a sweet souvenir – chuck-chak!

The Price is 300 rubles per person.