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Raifsky Bogorodinsky Monastery

Once upon a time in ancient times, near the sacred Mount Sinai, which towered of the same name peninsula, surrounding shore with its warm water of the Red Sea, arose monastic settlement called Raifa …

It is difficult to unequivocally say that it literally meant. But, considering that through at these places was a road «the sons of Israel» from Egypt to the land of Canaan, we can assume its the Hebraic origin. Whatever it was, but it is exactly here in the IV century turned the tragic events connected with the martyrdom of the monks, the elders at the hands of the barbarians.

The image of this holy monastery emerges quite clearly in the form of a small stone church, a square at the base and elevated above the ground entrance. In essence, it was a tower that combines a place of worship and refuge in danger. Exactly here died in torture 43 monks living at that time in Raif. It is known that in the 4 century witnessed a migration from the Libyan desert to the Nile Valley pagan tribes Noba. One of their small units crossed the Suez and the Straits waged a robbery on the Sinai coast. Noba almost simultaneously attacked the monks of Sinai mountains and monks of Raifa.

 During these events in Raif lived 43 monks, many of the elders had been there for 50-60 years. Take them with the barbarians at first tortured monks, demanding gold, and then killed 39 people. This elders died, praising God, and have been ranked as the Orthodox Church canonized.

And now, thirteen centuries later, the monastic spirit and traditions of the Holy Fathers in Sinai and Raif beatings were revived and transferred to the ground Kazan.

 History of New Raif monastery is extremely interesting. To feel it, let»s take a look at the ancient times and feel the breath of far departed from us time …

Recovering of Raifskiy monastery began in June of 1990, when the abbot Vsevolod, now Archimandrite, Vicar of Raifskiy Monastery, Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Humanitarian Sciences, Commander of the Order of Friendship of Peoples, then rector of the Peter and Paul church in Zelenodolsk and returned with the priests of their Church of the Kazan diocesan administration. On this day, he decided to look old Raif monastery, located in a 4-km route of Kazan -Zelenodolsk. Parson heard about this place from his parishioners, who remembered her before abolition, long ago. Their descriptions of the picturesque place where she was and that special grace Raifa»s atmosphere, which they kept in their hearts, urged him to see the monastery with his own eyes.

 As priests approached the monastery by car, behind wooden outbuildings suddenly they saw the tall, slender tower gate, rushed into the sky with decapitated head. They could see black rust dials clock, shabby dilapidated walls with collapsed battlements and ruined tower. Bellow could be seen black rust dials of clock, shabby dilapidated walls, collapsed battlements and ruined tower. As a black spot rose above the wooden fence white cathedral of Georgian icon of Mother of God. But no desolation could not touch the grandeur and beauty of the monastery ensemble — even destroyed, it was beautiful and surrounded by protected forest.

 Walk inside was not easy — on the territory of the monastery for many years there was Special Production Technical College — abbreviated SPTU, and entry was only by permission. Priests asked for protection to allow them to view the monastery and the administration of SPTU responded to their request. Director of the colony led them to the territory of the monastery and showed them the entire monastery complex.

 Inside the monastery had a pitiable appearance: crumbled walls, broken roof, the dome without crosses. However, the former beauty, and grandeur of this monastery is clearly acted out of the ruins. Meanwhile, in an interview with the director and Father Vsevolod they were talking about how good it would be to re-open this monastery.

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