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Russia Kazan Sights

Russia Kazan Kremlin

Russia Kazan Kremlin (2)Russia Kazan Kremlin (3)Russia Kazan Kremlin (1)

Kazan Kremlin — a unique complex of archaeological, historical and architectural monuments that have arisen and functioning from the city’s founding to the present day.

In 2000 the Kazan Kremlin was included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Complex objects are managed by the State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve «Kazan Kremlin.»

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Kazan University

Kazan UniversityKazan University1Kazan University3

Founded in 1804, Kazan Federal University is the second oldest university in the Russian Federation. An internationally acknowledged centre of academic excellence, it is routinely listed among the 5 to 10 best institutions of higher education in the country. The history of KFU is associated with many world-renowned figures, like the father of non-Euclidian geometry, Nikolai Lobachevsky; the writer, Leo Tolstoy; the discoverer of the Antarctic, Ivan Simonov; the founder of organic chemistry, Alexander Butlerov; a father of modern linguistics, Ivan Baudouin de Courtenay; the discoverer of electron spin resonance, Evgeniy Zavoisky; and the Soviet leader Vladimir Ulianov, otherwise known as Lenin. Today many of our graduates are prominent politicians, famous professionals, successful businessmen and distinguished scholars working in a variety of countries.

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Kul Sharif Mosque

Kul Sharif Mosque Russia Kazan  Tour (1)Kul Sharif Mosque Russia Kazan  Tour (2)Stitched Panorama


In the second of October 1552 after two grueling siege and brutal assault, knocking Arskii Gates, Russian troops stormed into the burning Kazan. At the city»s streets and squares were battles. Path to the Khan»s palace stood in the most powerful Russian resistance at the walls of the mosque Kul-Sharif.

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Leaning Tower Syuyumbike

 Leaning Tower Suumbike Russia Kazan Tour (2)Leaning Tower Suumbike Russia Kazan Tour (1)Leaning Tower Suumbike Russia Kazan Tour (3)

The most famous building of Kazan — Tower Syuyumbike — according to legend, dates back to the fall of the Kazan Khanate. However, judging from all over, it was built no earlier than the last quarter of the seventeenth century, but partly on the foundations of an earlier patrol-sentry towers Khan»s period. Syuyumbike tower — not only the symbol of Kazan. Syuyumbike tower — not only the symbol of Kazan. This also is one of the few in the world of falling towers. At two meters above the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it is immediately after construction began to lurch to the east, because the west side it was built on the foundation of an old watchtower, was more stable. By 1930, the deviation from the axis of its top was already 128 centimeters. Remedial activities conducted in 1990, suspended its heel.

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Peter and Paul Cathedral

Peter and Paul Cathedral Russia Kazan Tour (1)Peter and Paul Cathedral Russia Kazan Tour (2)Peter and Paul Cathedral Russia Kazan Tour (3)

Peter and Paul Cathedral, of course, is the most valuable architectural monument, one of the spiritual symbol of Kazan. Built on an elevated site, a beautiful and majestic, cathedral differs by its kind of decoration. Composition of temple and bell tower is made in the style of the so-called Russian, or «Naryshinsky», Baroque, widespread in Russia at the end of XVII — the first half of XVIII century. This composition is also found in the Kazan region (Pyatnitskaya church in Kazan, the Church in Potaniha of Vysokogorsky area, both churches were built with funds of merchant Mihlyaev). Decor gives the unique appearance to the cathedral — an abundance of facade details and their bright coloring, which is preserved to our time. Unfortunately, the names of the builders of the cathedral remained unknown. Many art critics point to the similarity of decor with ornamental decoration of temples, built in the first half of XVIII century in the Ukraine. Perhaps the church is really was built by the Little Russians, but Peter and Paul Cathedral is not a simple mechanical copy of a style. Much of his appearance is unique and is the result of outside the stylistic predilections. Great merit for that, Kazan remained a magnificent temple, belongs not only to the builders of the cathedral and I.A. Mihlyaev, but the cathedral elders and the clergy later.

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Kazan miraculous icon of Mother of God

 Kazan miraculous icon of Mother of God (2)Kazan miraculous icon of Mother of God (3)Kazan miraculous icon of Mother of God (1)

Kazan Icon of the Mother of God-miraculous icon, was revealed in 1579 from the ashes.

Place of finding the icons indicated in his sleep a little girl Matrona Virgin herself. Numerous copies of the Kazan icon of Our Lady can be seen today in various corners of the earth, all of which are recognized by the Orthodox Church as miraculous. Although initially regained the icon was stolen and burned in 2005 in Kazan returned to her best-known copy of the XVIII century, a long time kept by the Pope John — Paul II.

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Raifsky Bogorodinsky Monastery

 Raifsky Bogorodinsky Monastery Russia Kazan Tour (3)Raifsky Bogorodinsky Monastery Russia Kazan Tour (1)Raifsky Bogorodinsky Monastery Russia Kazan Tour (2)

Once upon a time in ancient times, near the sacred Mount Sinai, which towered of the same name peninsula, surrounding shore with its warm water of the Red Sea, arose monastic settlement called Raifa …

It is difficult to unequivocally say that it literally meant. But, considering that through at these places was a road «the sons of Israel» from Egypt to the land of Canaan, we can assume its the Hebraic origin. Whatever it was, but it is exactly here in the IV century turned the tragic events connected with the martyrdom of the monks, the elders at the hands of the barbarians.

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Sviyazhsk island

Sviyazhsk island Russia Kazan Tour (2)Sviyazhsk island Russia Kazan Tour (1)Sviyazhsk island Russia Kazan Tour (3)


Sviyazhsk Island is located in the picturesque estuary of Sviyaga on a high hill area of 62 hectares, 30 kilometers from Kazan. The abundant nature surrounding shallows, inlets and islands since ancient times attracted people. Later Sviyazhsk fate was such that a small area of the island blew events associated with the most important moments of national history.

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Mardzhani Mosque

Mardzhani Mosque Russia Kazan Tour (1)Mardzhani Mosque Russia Kazan Tour (2)Mardzhani Mosque Russia Kazan Tour (3)

Mardzhani mosque – the first stone mosque, built in Kazan in 1767 by architect Kaftyreva in the Russian Baroque style.The permission for building gave the Empress Catherine II herself, thus violating the long ban Tatars erect stone buildings. Russian authorities in the city, concerned that the Tatars are building too high minaret in their view, the Queen said: «I identified them a place on earth and in heaven, they are free to rise at its discretion, because the sky is not included in my possession.»

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Blue Lake

Blue Lake Russia Kazan Tour (1)Blue Lake Russia Kazan Tour (2)Blue Lake Russia Kazan Tour (3)

An amazing place in the suburb of Kazan, which are very fond of traveling Kazans and guests. Bathing in the lake year round, mostly in winter and without any preparation. After bathing in the lake in winter, people involuntarily smiling all day, energizing the whole week, they held headaches and absolutely all of the disease. Many have simply can not do without swimming in the lake in winter. The water is considered to have miraculous powers. There was even talk that it contains of an active radon.

It is believed that the blue lake or lakes, because their unbroken chain — a miracle, that came to us from the Ice Age. They arose as a result of karst faults and in the basic have the ice that retains water temperature constant throughout the year — winter and summer, 4 degrees!

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Lake Kaban

Lake Kaban Russia Kazan Tour  (1)Lake Kaban Russia Kazan Tour  (2)Lake Kaban Russia Kazan Tour  (3)

Lake Kaban — symbol of Kazan, which is associated with numerous legends. Some legends tell us about the Tatar city of Kityazhe, sinking to the bottom of the lake after the capture of Russian cities. According to others — water witch is living in the lake, creeping on the little boy or girl every year. Proof of another legend from time to time residents of the city, caught from the lake some elements of numerous Khan treasures. Lake Kaban as a whole is a system of lakes connected with each other and having a total length of about 8 km, average width of 400 m and a depth of 10 m (max 22 m).

Lake Kaban — not just a big lake, but a water system, consisting of three large lakes, connecting them to the straits and channels Bulak. Ozernaya Valley stretches more than 10 km. And work together with the adjacent lowlands area of several hundred hectares. All this space is now found inside the city.

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Kazan Arbat – the pedestrian zone – Bauman street

Kazan Arbat - the pedestrian zone - Bauman street Russia Kazan Tour  (3)Kazan Arbat - the pedestrian zone - Bauman street Russia Kazan Tour  (1)Kazan Arbat - the pedestrian zone - Bauman street Russia Kazan Tour  (2)


City Center – Bauman Street – the main artery of the city, a beautiful place, the pride of Kazan, where you can fully experience the diversity of the city, to admire the beauty of kazan girls, have a cup of coffee, as well as to update your wardrobe. Your attention can be brought to many monuments of architecture, as well as some surprising sights.

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